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"Никчемы": принимаете ли вы меры, направленные на упреждение квалификации налоговыми органами хозяйственных договоров в качестве ничтожных:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are glad to greet you on the website of a Corporation “First Consulting Group”.

The Corporation “First Consulting Group” was founded in Odessa in 2001 by famous legal firms, advocates, auditors.

The partners and specialists of the Corporation have significant work experience in the sphere of business service and are able to solve any of the most difficult problems.

The Corporation develops all directions of consulting activity, but its main specialization is legal service of business, audit, tax and book accounting.

Lawyers of the Corporation have huge experience in business, corporate, economic, transport, land, civil law and incorporeal right; they are also one of the best specialists in solicitation in economic and administrative courts and in the courts of regular courts.

One of the main directions of the Corporation’s activity are support of sales contracts, lease, leasing of integral property complexes, company reorganization and also support of investment and other large business projects.

Constant advance training of specialists and mastering of new directions of consulting activity

are the guarantee of successful work.

The main principals of the Corporation’s activity are:

-exclusive confidentiality;

- high professionalism;

- achievement of necessary result with the least losses for the client;

- correctness, efficiency and accuracy during all period of cooperation with client.

Today, the largest enterprises of southern Ukraine and international companies are the clients of the Corporation.

The most difficult and delicate problems are entrusted to us.

We highly appreciate this confidence and justify it.


Yours faithfully,

President of Corporation                                                                       Sergey Tkach


Corporation " First Consulting Group " is a member of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Outsourcing and personnel policy of companies after crisis

Global financial crisis forced many company executives to revalue the principles of personnel policy that seemed unshakable before crisis.  Particularly, it seemed absolutely evident that some specialists in the companies should be exclusively hired employees.  The matter is about accoutants and lawyers.  Because these specialist constantly pate part in decision-making and own confidential information.

Though, new conditions compel to think about reasonableness of this stereotype and about its alternative – transfer these functions into outsourcing.

So, for example, even very large companies that have big stuff of lawyers and accountants, but they constantly enjoy services of external specialists.  It is absolutely natural  to apply to such specialists for carrying out audit, registration and liquidation of enterprises, support of bankruptcy procedure, registration of trade marks or rendering of other patent-legal services, solicitation in difficult judicial proceedings, introduction of accounting programs and others.   Though, in all these occasions all confidential information is transferred to external specialists.  .

But can we and is it necessary to deal so with business-processes, for example, with book accounting? Before answering this question, it is necessary to weight up pluses and minuses of such decision:

  • Unfortunately, taking into account lowering of higher education level, it is very difficult to attract well-qualified professional to the stuff of the company and not to grow such specialist inside the company during many years that can result in withdrawal of such specialist from the company. Outsourcing company has the stuff of selected well-qualified specialists and it is its main resource.  Besides this, each of the specialists has his own subspecialty that allows him to develop successfully.  The hired accountants and lawyers, as a rule, are deprived of such opportunity.
  • Notwithstanding that the level of specialists of outsourcing companies, – due to mentioned reasons, - is higher on average, value of their labor for customer is less than remuneration of labor of hired employee. It is no need to pay bonuses, holiday pay, sick-leave, incur costs for equipment of  working place, acquisition of software, advance training and others for inside specialists. In case of high work quality, costs for outsourcing payment are cheaper then wages of well-qualified specialists by half. It is also possible to avoid problems and costs, connected with employment and dismissal of hired employees.
  • Costs for outsourcing payment are referred to gross diversions of client, and remuneration of labor of hired employee, vice-versa, and result in increasing of tax burden. Differences in solving of responsibility problem for made decision are of no small importance. If outsourcing company carries full responsibility for losses, inflicted to the client, material responsibility of hired employee is restricted by norms of labor legislation.

Phillip Kotler said such words concerning this matter: “In one company I was asked: “What we should turn over to another company? And what we should do ourselves?” I have analyzed all types of activity and answered at length: “It is better to turn over everything. You can not do well everything in the world. You can always fine a company that can do it better”. Then, I was asked: “What future we will have if we turned over everything”. I answered: “If you are able to manage well the companies to which you turned over a part of work, you don’t need this company!  You should only manage others, and, inter alia, many automobile companies work nowadays in such a way.  What, you think, is an automobile company? It doesn’t produce anything itself. Motors are not bought in one company, doors – in another one, seats – in the third one: such assembly”.

The specialists of the Corporation “First consulting group”, - lawyers and auditors, are bound by the norms about advocate and auditor secret, adherence to which is their professional obligations, and integral part of their reputation. In this sense, outsourcing gives additional privileges because it hampers excess to documents to dishonest employees of low-enforcement bodies if these documents are kept not on enterprise, but in Advocate Company that is a member of the Corporation.

Thereby, the advantages of outsourcing are evidence. The matter is how to adjust communications of external specialist with top-management of the company in order it can be as tight as with hired personnel of this company.  Our experience demonstrates that, taking into account the level of development of modern telecommunications, the apprehensions of top-management about loss of “vivid connection” with specialist is absolutely unfounded.  During working day our specialists are accessible in the regime of teleconference, by telephone and e-mail, and if it is necessary, meeting with our specialist can be organized during some hours.



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