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The Corporation "First Consulting Group" is one the first patent-legal companies in Odessa

Intellectual property is rather specific sphere of activity. For solving of many problems in this sphere very often it is not sufficient only legal training or only knowledge in the sphere of patent science. Understanding these peculiarities, we decided to unite efforts of patent agents and lawyers who have special education in the sphere of intellectual property.

Trade marks and commercial names

Our specialists are ready to support a brand at all stages of its life cycle. First of all, the matter is of rendering assistance to designers and marketers in legally correct choice of marking, analysis of competitive markings and commercial names, determination  of volume of legal safeguard, marking registration as sign for goods and services in Ukraine and abroad, tracking of competitive markings, which applications for registration are subsequently submitted  by third person, preparation of licensing agreements or deals about transfer of rights of intellectual  property on signs.

Protection of rights on signs both in courts and in law enforcement bodies and bodies of State Customs Service is of no small importance.

To load presentation of services on registration of the trade mark in a format pps (77 Kb)

Objects of industrial design

Objects of industrial design are so different that each product needs elaboration of independent strategy of its legal safeguard. There were many events in our practice when we refused from traditional safeguard mechanism that provides receipt of patent on industrial model, and followed the path of safeguard of objects by copyright norms. In other cases implementation of legislation about safeguard from unfair competition give better results.

Inventions and utility models

Investing funds in elaboration of innovation decisions it is necessary to worry about strategy of their legal safeguard.  Initial is the choice between preservation of innovation decision as industrial secret or disclosure of its essence in exchange for patent safeguard. Both alternatives have its merits and demerits.  If a choice is made in favor of decision patenting as invention, our specialists will help to determine, if a decision owns all signs of invention, the necessary patent searches will be carried out, will render assistance in selection of analogues, will assess volume of legal safeguard of future formula of invention and, at last, will make description of invention and will submit application to patent authorities.  May be, at one of these stages, it will seem more reasonable to patent a decision as utility model.


A site – is a very complicated object of intellectual property. Legally, it consists of a whole complex of legal relations: hosting services, right to domain name which address network visitors to host, and at last,  copyrights to site’s content, consisting of writings, pictures, other media-content.  We can not forget about rights of third persons that can be touched on during creation of sites. First of all, these rights to programs, used during writing of sites, different references to other resources, etc.

In modern conditions, a site – is a face of any company.  That is why, web-sites should be pure not only stylistically, but also legally.

Computer programs

Computer software market – is one of the most dynamically developed in our country. But market positions of these products are as so strong, as it is managed to resist their illegal distribution. That is why solidary legal training should precede program product release on market.  It is commenced from regulation of relations between employer and composite author, because ignoring of these aspects in some cases can lead to the fact that a company-customer will not have any rights to this program at all. Further it is necessary to understand that not only a program itself, but also right of its enjoyment are sold on the market. In connection with it different marketing strategies concerning structure and volume of licensing. We can not forget about registration of copyright to program products.

Domain names

Now, when purchases are made without exit from home, usage of brand or commercial name in domain has less importance then its placement on goods package. In is understandable that it is a sloppy surprise the usage of brand by competitors in domain name or cybersquatting.

Our specialists will help to assert the client’s right to domain name, and also will render assistance in registration of domain names in the domain of the first level “UA”, for carrying out of which it is necessary the availability of registered sign for goods and services.

Registration of copyrights and agreements about assignment of copyrights

Registration is not a necessary condition for occurrence of copyright for works. Nevertheless, it has important procedural significance. The practice of judicial and, especially, law enforcement bodies  is so that registration of rights to work and agreements about assignment of copyrights has become important condition of all mechanisms of legal safeguard.

Commercial secrecy and confidentiality

Confidentiality is one of the principles of any company’s activity. Though, measures, directed to provision of confidentiality, have any significance only when legal mechanisms, that allow bringing to responsibility the persons who disclosed confidential information, are elaborated.    In addition, employers should understand that not all confidential information can be the object of commercial secret, and that information which is commercial secret, will not have mechanisms of bringing to responsibility for its disclosure, if definite significant conditions will not bee followed.

Analysis of “patent clearance” (noninfringement)

The more technically difficult goods are introduced into civil circulation, the more different objects of intellectual property it can contain.  Respectively, a possibility of violation of third parties` rights to already patented inventions, industrial models and other, is increasing. Taking into account that registration of rights to objects of industrial property had strictly territory character, inspection of goods on “patent clearance” is especially urgent during its export to the territory of Ukraine.  Unfortunately, unfair practice of registration of trade marks, known abroad, and also patenting of famous technical decisions as utility models is widespread in Ukraine. It can lead to significant problems for exporters and that is why preparation of import of any goods needs preliminary patent research.

Judicial and administrative protection of rights to objects of intellectual property

Our specialists have huge practical experience in system organization of safeguard of intellectual property objects. We elaborate a complex of measures for tracking of violations of rights in different regions of Ukraine, for attraction of police authorities  for delinquencies fixing, realization of  decisions of economic courts about implementation of preventive measures together with organs of state executive service, initiation of criminal cases under articles  176, 177 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of copyrights and patent right) in competence of corresponding  economic cases in the courts of all instances.



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