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"Никчемы": принимаете ли вы меры, направленные на упреждение квалификации налоговыми органами хозяйственных договоров в качестве ничтожных:
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Distant legal adviser

We will take into account work specific of your company and will find such form of cooperation that will allow supporting your business so quickly and effectively as if our specialists are in the next office. A team of specialists in different branches of law will elaborate the most optimal decisions for you on the grounds of analysis of legislation and correspondent judicial practice.    Due to modern communication systems we are ready to participate in documents turnover of your company and in decision making system with maximal operability.

Deals Support of risks analysis

Use the experience of our specialist during planning and execution of deals. Such operations, for example rendering of goods credits, acquisition of problem assets, usage of special forms of settlement (bills, letters of credits, etc.), usage of obligations support (pledge, guarantee, etc.) and many other need special attention.  Meanwhile, we analyze both legal and tax consequences of planned deals, ad lib, we can carry out a check up of goodwill of your counteragents.

Monitoring of competitive environment and debtor

Commercial links of enterprise in a rapidly changing world are seemed permanent. Many changes always take place with counteragents, knowing of which is absolutely necessary for decision making about rendering of goods credits (delay of payments), changing of procedure of settlements, appropriation of credit ratings, prolongation of contracts, filling of claims, etc.

Such essential changes that are subject to monitoring, are referred to, first of all, initiation of criminal case about bankruptcy of counteragent, making of decision of its participants (shareholders) about reorganization or liquidation, changing of legal address, changing of name or place of location, carrying out of shareholders` meeting, information about paper issue, its payment or malfeasance on securities market, and many other.

Judicial contests, where a counteragent takes place, are also not of the least object for supervision.

Our specialists can organize daily monitoring  of these and many other changes, that took place in the activity of your counteragents, and inform you about them efficiently.

Judicial practice

Judicial practice – is one of key directions of the Corporation’s activity.  Experienced advocates, practicing in the courts from the beginning of nineties, organize representation of interests of your company in general, economic and administrative courts of Ukraine, courts of arbitration, commercial arbitration authorities.

Costs for payment of advocates’ services, as opposed to services of other specialists in the sphere of law, and in case of successful outcome of the affair, are levied from your opponents in the complex of other legal costs.

Execution of judicial decisions

There is a huge gap between carrying into effect of judicial decision and its practical realization.   Due to execution of judicial decisions became separate sphere of legal practice in Ukraine. Success in this sphere depends on correct strategy of recovery (analysis of structure of debtor’s assets, its liquidity, provision of possibility of its charge), and also quickness of execution of intended actions.

Our specialist will also guarantee execution of foreign judicial decisions in Ukraine.

Support of check-ups

The circumstances are such that state and business in Ukraine have been on different sides of barricades yet.   Such “military” vocabulary is not accidental here, because interrelations with fiscal and law enforcement bodies often resemble military actions.  In such situations it is not possible to go without specialists who are able to resist to lawlessness of officialdom and to protect your business.

Services of advocates in support of pre-investigation check-ups, during inquiry and prejudicial inquiry

As we know, the more successful business, the higher its turnovers, the closer attention is paid by law enforcement bodies. Meanwhile, it is ironic that majority of information, necessary for initiation of criminal cases concerning businessmen, is submitted by businessmen themselves, and voluntarily. As often as not, it is connected with insufficient information about rights of inquiry authorities and organs of prejudicial inquiry during carrying out of  so called “preinquiry check-ups” or check-ups, carried out upon direction of State Service for struggling with organized crime, and also – during carrying out of prejudicial inquiry.

Only advocates can render qualified assistance in such questions because  at present,  only advocate’s status is strictly determined by the law of criminal procedure among specialists in jurisprudence.


Mediation – is alternative to judicial method of adjustment of disputes (conflicts) in economic, labor relations, in the sphere of intellectual property and other spheres. Idea is that:  parties of dispute elect arbitrator (mediator) together, whose incorruptibility, experience and disaffection don’t give rise no doubt.  It gives opportunity to come to agreement, based on the norms of law and on understanding of interests and capabilities of each other by the parties.  From the point of view conflictology, such possibility distinguishes mediation from “judicial paradigm” of adjustment of disputes, based on mutual denial of each other’s position by the parties.

And the more expensive will be a truth on official way of legal procedure, the bigger sense will acquire adjustment of disputes with help of extrajudicial procedures.

The Corporation “First Consulting Group” cab assume responsibility for carrying out of mediation procedures. For more information, please, see the section “Mediation”.

Registration and liquidation

The Corporation “First Consulting Group” renders services in registration of legal entities and business activity of natural persons both in Odessa, and in Odessa region.

Specialists of the Corporation are also ready to render assistance in selection of optimal form of termination of business activity, both by means of liquidation of legal entities, and with help of bankruptcy procedures or sale of corporate rights.

Execution of job placement permits

An integral part of support of foreign business in Ukraine is legalization of foreign stuff `s statute in Ukrainian companies, established by investors. The Corporation “First Consulting Group” will render assistance in preparation of necessary documents and receipt of permit for job placement in Odessa and also in some other regions of Ukraine.

Legal audit

Buying a company (business), property, trade mark, technology or any other assets, it is necessary to satisfy in their legal perfection. Because, assets – are not only material or nonmaterial object, but also a complex of obligations, connected with it. Very often, analysis of law enforcement, constituent and permissive documents, entry lists, bills payable and receivable, investment portfolio and tax liabilities can reveal such problems that either will influence on deal destiny, or certainly will influence on its price.

Due to these causes, legal audit is necessary also for preliminary preparation of assets for sale.



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